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Sand - Activated carbon filtration

The sand - activated carbon filtration system is a coarse solid filtration technology with a size of 1 - 0.01 mm and the filtration pressure depends on each filtration method such as non-pressure filtration and pressure filtration.

Raw sand filters of 1-2mm, quartz sand and activated carbon are commonly used as filter materials. Filter material size is calculated in detail depending on input parameters.


The differences of GreenWorld's product

  • Working on the principle of filtering and washing processes at the same time;
  • Upgraded from classic pressure filtration technology;
  • Filter media: Quartz sand - 2 mm, activated carbon...
  • Treatment efficiency: 90 - 98%;
  • High load operation;
  • Modular form, easy to move when needed;
  • No labor required.


  • Supply water treatment;
  • Pre-treatment for the membrane filtration;
  • Decolorizing the wastewater;

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