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Biological treatment

Overview of biological treatment

Water sources that need to be treated before being discharged into the environment: Waste water from urban areas and concentrated residential areas; wastewater from industrial plants, food processing plants, animal husbandry farms, aquaculture / aquaculture; Wastewater from industrial zones... This is the type of wastewater with high BOD/COD concentration, as well as total nitrogen or phosphorus, etc. that need to be treated with biological treatment system.

The basis of biological treatment is based on the ability of microorganisms to dissolve organic and insoluble organic bonds - using them as food sources.

There are main biological treatment processes often applied in wastewater treatment technology:

  • Anaerobic treatment: Using anaerobic microorganisms group, operating in conditions without oxygen
  • Aerobic treatment: Using aerobic microorganisms group, operating under conditions of continuous oxygen supply
  • Anoxic treatment: Using anoxic microorganism group, operating under controlled oxygen supply conditions.

The process of decomposing organic matter by microorganisms is called biochemical oxidation. To carry out this process, dissolved organic matter, colloids and small dispersants in wastewater need to move into the microbial cell in three main stages as follows:

  • Stage 1: Transfering of pollutants from liquid phase to micro-cell surface;
  • Stage 2: Diffusing from the cell surface through semi-permeable membranes due to the difference in concentration inside and outside the cell;
  • Stage 3: Metabolizing substances inside the microbial cells, producing energy and synthesizing new cells.

The rate of biochemical oxidation depends on the structure, the concentration of organic matter, the content of impurities and the stability of the wastewater flow into the treatment system. Under certain treatment conditions, the main factors affecting the biochemical reaction rate are hydrodynamic regimes, oxygen content in wastewater, temperature, pH, nutrition and trace elements, etc.

  • Minimizing pollution caused by human activities to nature
  • Creating technological solutions to save land use, energy, reduce investment and operation costs
  • Taking advantage of waste from the wastewater treatment system to create new energy is electricity and heat.

Technological solutions

  • Aerobic/Anoxic treatment technology - G.SBR®
  • Anaerobic treatment technology - G.IIA®

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