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In the era of continuous industrialization and modernization, environmental issues are considered as one of the most important issues for the sustainable development. As one of the leading environmental treatment technology development companies, GREENWORLD INTERNATIONAL BV provides services and solutions in the field of water treatment - waste water, as well as air treatment and the most advanced energy recycling technology.

etablished in 2007, with many activities in the environmental treatment industry as well as experience through hundreds of projects with different types of industries - fields - scales, GREENWORLD is confident to meet the needs of customers with high reliability and cost effectiveness, with assurance for output targets.

Through the association and cooperation between the company's engineering staff and experts in the field of environmental technology from Europe (Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, etc.), GREENWORLD is constantly updating, improving and developing wastewater treatment technologies in particular and the environment in general. Specially based on the following criteria:

  • Suitable for all size and shape of premises, occupy less area than other technologies with same function;
  • The self-control system is compatible with the flow rate to save energy consumption;
  • Simple and saving cost in term of mainenance. During maintaining, the system can operate with 50 - 70% of the capacity compared to the design;
  • The amount of generated sludge and chemicals usage is lower than other technologies with same function;
  • Stable treatment efficiency;

About Us

With several years of experience and highly trained human resources, GreenWorld International B.V. have implemented many projects in different industries across provinces and cities across the country in the field of wastewater treatment, water supply for the environment.


European office: Van Bylandtachterstraat 24 unit 6, 5046MB Tilburg, The Netherlands
Asian office: 42/36D Ung Van Khiem, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Hochiminh City, Vietnam
(028) 38982224