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Air treatment technology

Source and purpose

In order to reduce the pollution caused by human activities to the mother nature as well as directly protect human health, sources of air pollution from industrial production plants, food processing, and livestock farms, aquacultural activities, industrial parks, etc. must be treated before being discharged into the receiving environment.

Technological solutions

Air treatment technology is the combination of many modules in a single technology chain. Each module has 1 function to handle 1 component in a contaminated air mixture. Depending on the components in the polluted gas, the required gas quality after treatment, the proposed technology treatment is made to be appropriate.

  • Technology to treat the mixture of emission containing: dust, CO2, CnHn

Emission ⇒  Wet cyclone ⇒ Air scubber ⇒ Receiving source;

  • Technology to treat the mixture of emission containing H2S and CnHn as solvent

Emission ⇒ Air scrubber/Oxidizing material ⇒ Absorption tower ⇒ Receiving source;


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