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G.NbAF® - Flotation technology


To meet the requirement related to space problems for the physicochemical systems, GreenWorld has developed the G.NbAF® flotation system upgraded from classical flotation technology combined with specific chemical mixing equipment in order to:

  • Reduce the weight of the treatment module;
  • Optimize the flotation process with gas control;

Principle of operation

  • Air bubbles are introduced into the water in small sizes;
  • Air bubbles adhere to the insoluble compounds in the wastewater to form a homogeneous form between Solid – Air bubbles;
  • The number of solid-binding with air bubbles increases over time until the mixture of Solid - Air bubbles has smaller density  than water and rises to the surface;
  • Solid – Air bubbles mixture floats on the surface forming the scum layer.
  • This scum layer is removed away from the surface by the skimmer.


Diverse designs of G.NbAF®:

Depending on the actual conditions of space - loading rate, G.NbAF® is designed with the shape and material in accordance with the requirements and not encapsulated within a certain framework.

Specific equipement

In order to increase the efficiency - optimize the space as well as the efficiency of the physicochemical process, GreenWorld designs specific equipment for the process of coagulation - flocculation before going into G.NbAF®.

The differences of G.NbAF®:

  • Flexibility according to the characteristics of wastewater;
  • Technology of creating air bubbles - Size of micro/nano air bubbles;
  • Small - compact - easy to move based on both size and weight ;
  • Minimize the usage of equipment and noise during operating;
  • Low operating pressure, high safety;


Fields of application

  • Aquatic production;
  • Natural rubber industry;
  • Food industry;
  • Oil contaminated wastewater;
  • Textile dying factories;
  • Beverage production factories;
  • Pharmaceutical production;
  • ...


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With several years of experience and highly trained human resources, GreenWorld International B.V. have implemented many projects in different industries across provinces and cities across the country in the field of wastewater treatment, water supply for the environment.


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