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G.SBR® technology

G.SBR® is the superior technological products developed by GreenWorld. G.SBR® is a combination of biodegradable sequences: Buffer treatment (Selector) – Anaerobic – Anoxic – Aerobic being integrated into a complete processing Module. Therefore, G.SBR® can flexibly adapt to any variation which brings the best performance, especially with nitrification and denitrification to treat wastewater with high concentration.

  • Promoting advanced technology;
  • Maximum hydraulic design to reduce treatment tank capacity;
  • Reducing equipment usage;
  • Applying automatic technology;
  • Create the optimal environment for each microbial activity to create complex multi-functional microbial region.

Principle of operation

The operation principle of G.SBR® is controlled by an intelligent control program that responds to actual conditions. Specifically:

  • Working in separate phases compatible with COD/BOD - Nitrogen - Phosphorus concentrations;
  • Influent is seperated into batchs to process to ensure flexibility and save operating cost by choosing to run in 2 batches - 4 batches or 6 batches;

Advantage of G.SBR® technology

Optimize tank capacity

Flexible according to actual operation conditions

Depending on actual conditions, GreenWorld is able to offer flexible G.SBR® design options to suit customer requirements and ensure optimal treatment efficiency.

Diversity in shape - design

G.SBR® technology is not limited to a certain framework, diverse in shape - designs which is suitable for practical conditions, optimizing the space as well as ensuring treatment standards.

The table of comparison - evaluation between conventional technology and G.SBR®

Typical projects: before and after G.SBR® application 

Specific equipment applied for G.SBR®

Process of G.SBR


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